We welcome you on the website of ARTY PARTY the foundation of this prestige company came into being at 1998 sinc then the staff of this company led their services to provide good healthy activity entertainment to the people initially the requirement of this company was felt by seeing that there was no such company there in this country whose working to provide good healthy entertainment to the kids .There are person working in this field but the standard was not up to the mark so seeing the need of hour the foundation of this company was made to improve. The Physical standard of our bids may be take of time, take of playground or may be computer games. Keeping all this thing in our mind our company hardworking and qualified staff work out the physical Activities which bids must under go for the development Of these minds. Our rides were such which give, bids Enjoyment as well as physical and mental activities which help in developing there personalities.


We our having staff which are well qualified and have complete control are the handling usage of the rides our staff members are be given training before coming to work in the teem. Till the time they are qualified they are not employed for the public. Our staff members are always in neat and clean dress. They are very friendly and polite spoken they are friendly in attitude. There first job is to take care of the kids as own and to provide maximum safety while enjoying the rides. Our staff members are also train to give rids good healthy advises during the rids to the kids so that those help in there daily life.


Our one of the main trade mark is the punctuality. We cannot compromise a time. We reached the spot before time given to the Clint. We do not believe in delay.


As today life is more busy and computer,zed.Due to which we are enable considering the physical activates of our children. As every doctor says that only .We work hard to improve the mind of our kids but we forgotten If you lose wealth something's is gone. But if you lose health everything is gone in such a brassy And committed scenario where one can not have second For own self to take care of there own health. And enjoyment They are not having a time to take there children daily to playground or for another physical and entertainment activities. ARTY PARTY stops forward to share this big responsible With you .to take care for your kids .to provide them good Healthy and informed physical and entertainment activities. To the international standard. To developing there physical and mental standard.


Keeping in view the need of hour and especially for the safety of the kids .All rides are imported from England. These rides are of international Standard. No compromise had been done on the stuff of the rides as our children life is more previous to us then Anything else. That's the reason we imported are all playing accessories.


80% In Advance
20% Before starting the program.


In case out of party timing. The item, placement changing or item cancellaion please inform us 48 hours before.Other wise 50% payment will be charged.All Rides Timing Only for Three Hour.