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BALLOON DECORATION(400) (Rs-6,000/-)
CANDY FLOSS (Rs-4,000/-)
CLIMBING MOUNT (Rs-10,000/-)
Convance (Rs-3,000/-)
FACE PAINTING (Rs-4,000/-)
GUN SHOTS (Rs-3,500/-)
PARTY MUSIC (Rs-4,000/-)
POPCORN (Rs-4,000/-)

Face Painting
Total Amount
Rs 36500
Discount 3%
Rs 35405


Important Note:
1) Hi tea Time: 4:30pm To 7:30 Pm
2) Dinner Time : 8:30Pm To 11:30Pm

3) Defence Authority Creek Club (DACC) & Sunset club you have to pay 20 % of Bill 

4} Convence charges Rs: 2500 to 6000

4) if you cancel the party we will charge 40% on total bill of the program incase out of party timing ,item placement changing or item cancellation please inform us 24 hours before.Other wise 40% payment will be charged . All Rides Timing only for Three Hour 

6) Note we do not work with any organizer/vendor. If we are doing your party Incase there is any other organizer/vendor we will stop our work immediately 



1) 80% In Advance
2) 20% Before starting the program ( IN CASH )



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